Super Undies Nighttime undies
Super Undies Nighttime undies
Super Undies Nighttime undies
Super Undies Nighttime undies
Super Undies Nighttime undies

Super Undies Nighttime undies

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The Super Undies Nighttime Undies (Bedwetting Pants) are constructed with two separate soaker pads and built in layers of 100% cotton terry inside them‚ which is enough to hold up to 450 mL of fluid. The fleece covered elastic legs and waist provide a comfortable, leak resistant fit.

Inner fabric - Touching skin: A smooth poly-Lycra blend

Absorbency inner: 100% Cotton Terry
Colored outer fabric: Waterproof PUL
Tabs: PUL and a soft fleece
Leg Binding: Water-resistant anti-pill fleece

These Nighttime Undies (Bedwetting Pants) are real waterproof nighttime underwear that are designed to help your child wake up with dry sheets. They come with 4 layers of absorbency built in‚ and fleece covered elastic legs and waist for a comfortable‚ and more leak resistant fit. Excellent for potty training transitional nights‚ or even for minor child enuresis. For heavy nighttime bedwetting‚ please add a step-up insert to them.

This nighttime underwear can usually handle most levels of wetters‚ although they may require additional absorbency‚ or to be changed once through the night. You can use a Step-up insert‚ a cloth nappy insert or booster that you may already have‚ a facecloth folded in half or thirds‚ whatever it takes to add more absorbency in there. 

Please note that the actual measurements are the best guide to the correct size, rather than the age/weight guidelines. The leg measurement is the most important one to get the best fit.
Size 1 Medium (Toddler 12.5-17kg) Waist 43.2cm-50.8cm‚ Rise 40.6cm‚ Legs 27.9cm-33cm
Size 2 Large (4-5yrs 14.5-19kg) Waist 47cm-55.9cm‚ Rise 45.7cm‚ Legs 30.5cm-35.6cm
Size 3 XLarge (6-9yrs 18-29.5kg) Waist 53.3cm-61cm‚ Rise 53.3cm‚ Legs 35.6cm-40.6cm
Size 4 XXLarge (9-13yrs 27-38.5kg) Waist 55.9cm-71.1cm‚ Rise 58.4cm‚ Legs 38.1cm-43.2cm