Strucket Mini
Strucket Mini
Strucket Mini
Strucket Mini
Strucket Mini
Strucket Mini
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Strucket Mini

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No mess, less water, more time and safer cleaning.

The Strucket Mini features the same world-first interlocking strainer and plug system, but is sized to suit your smaller laundry needs. Soak, strain, drain and store — and never touch the mess that’s left behind.

Made for your laundry or bathroom.

It’s mini, but it’s just as mighty. Our second Strucket is designed to handle anything you can throw at it and of course, every type of mess. You’ll wonder how you lived without it.

Environmentally friendly


By now you’re probably aware of the plastic problem taking over our world. It’s time to banish single-use plastic from the home. The Strucket Mini can be used time and time again, and is 100% recyclable, making it easy to do your bit for the planet. Plus, it’s BPA-free, so it’s safer for your family, too

The uses are endless…..keeping your items sanitised and fresh 

Personal Hygiene Products; Sanitary Pads & Underwear, Menstrual Cups

Facial & Body Wipes

Make Up Brushes & Sponges

Baby Bottles & Dummies, Soothers & Toys

Toilet Training Items


And so much more and easily store

Recycle your grey water in the garden

We’re all about saving water. The Strucket Mini compact, lightweight and easy to carry – we love using it to collect grey water from our sinks, showers and tubs to water our garden.

The Strucket Mini is your perfect counter top companion!

Soak. Strain. Drain. Store.

Strucket Mini = Strainer. Bucket. Lid. Built-In Plug. Interlocking Mechanism. Infinite Uses
4.5 Litre
187mmH x 184mmW x 277mmL
Designed and Made in Australia
BPA Free
Food Grade
100% Recyclable
Patented Technology
Strucket mini range

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