Stainless Steel Pegs Co 201 grade stainless steel

Stainless Steel Pegs Co 201 grade stainless steel

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What has 6 arms and 2 legs? Whether you need to hang cloth nappies or socks or 20 pairs of undies from toilet training, we’ve got you covered. 


Got an unexpected storm coming? Simply unhook the hanger and hang it inside. No need to unpeg 20 items. 


The octopus hanger makes life so much easier and keeps a lot of plastic out of the ocean. 


It is made of 201 grade stainless steel which is highly durable. Unlike our 316 marine grade pegs, it’s not made to withstand the elements, so we highly recommend not leaving it outside in the rain or overnight due to the high humidity. 


🌱 201 Grade stainless steel

🌱 Highly recyclable 

🌱 Comes with 20x 201 grade pegs 

🌱 Great for socks, undies, cloth nappies and more

🌱 Keeping plastic out of our oceans 

🌱 1% From each sale goes to Take3 For the Sea