Sheepish Grins Creamy Lanolin Spray

Sheepish Grins Creamy Lanolin Spray

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Sheepish Grins Creamy Lanolin Spray – perfect for keeping your wool items at their best.

Sheepish Grins ™ Creamy Spray Lanolin is the most stable spray lanolin you can buy. It very rarely separates and it is super easy to use. Moisturise and condition your wool soakers and covers in one easy step. Available in several delicious scents, you’ll love this simple lanolin spray.

Now available in 2 sizes – 4 oz (120ml) and 8 oz (240ml)

To use: Just shake gently and spray well onto both sides of your freshly clean wool soaker/cover and gently massage into the fibres. Allow your wool item to soak it in. Once dry, your wool will function properly once again. You will need to wash your cover as needed and reapply.