Naturally Nurturing Reusable Cloth Pads 12" Heavy Floral

Naturally Nurturing Reusable Cloth Pads 12" Heavy Floral

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Menstural Pads are topped with Cotton Lycra. Bamboo cores for Moderate, Heavy and, postpartum. Cotton Flannelette in Light. All pads have a cotton Flannelette hidden layer. Backed with Moisture repellent Polyester Fleece. 

Pattern placement may vary from picture.

Pads should be washed prior to first use.

Pads can be kept in waterproof bags such as pad wrappers while away from home.
  • Dry store the pads in an open container that allows air flow until you are ready to wash them.
  • Prior to washing, put the pads on a rinse cycle in your washing machine, then soak the soiled pads for a few hours (or overnight) in an oxy solution such as Vanish or Napi-San. For any really stubborn stains, a paste of Vanish and water, or a stain stick often get the job done.
  • Wash them in your washing machine on a cold or warm cycle. NOT hot... It's fine to wash them with other washing if you are happy to do that.  They can also be hand washed if you choose.
  • DON'TS:  DON'T use hot water, it can set stains - blood contains proteins which react to heat.  DON'T use fabric softener - it will, over time, reduce the absorbency of your pads

Pads are best line-dried, however they may be tumble dried on a low heat setting, although this may reduce the overall life of the pad because of the extra wear and tear from the dryer.