Monarch The Ultimate Nappy Snaps Ocean Meadow
Monarch The Ultimate Nappy Snaps Ocean Meadow

Monarch The Ultimate Nappy Snaps Ocean Meadow

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The Ultimate nappies are our signature nappy that many turn to as a night-time solution for their heavy wetters. These nappies feature a PUL outer and inner, meaning they are also wipeable and are used by many as a day nappy. 

Features of The Ultimate Nappies:

1. Customisable ("Stackable") Absorbency 

These nappies come with 4x inserts, with an incredible 16 thirsty layers of Hemp and Bamboo. Stack your inserts to suit babies output and achieve the perfect absorbency for your little one every time. Day, Nap-time or Night nappy, create a custom set up that works perfectly for your babe.

Each nappy comes with the following: 

  • 1x 5-layer Hemp insert; 
  • 1x 5-layer Bamboo insert; and
  • 2x 3-layer Bamboo ("Nap") insert. 

Every bub is different so we encourage you to experiment with absorbency to find what works for your little one. Start with a full set-up, and if at nappy-change times, not all the inserts are soaked, you can remove layers of absorbency. This will ensure you have the trimmest fit possible while still preventing leaks.

If you're unsure of what to use, the following combinations are a good starting point: 

  • Day/Nap-time Nappy: Use 1 of the 5-layer inserts - either hemp or bamboo paired with 1 of the 3-layer Nap inserts. 
    • Snap the Nap insert onto the larger insert and then into the shell. You can also fold the Nap insert into half / thirds and place it in the "wet zone' which can often help reduce leaks caused by flooding. 
  • Night Nappy:
    • If you have a Moderate Wetter, you can get away with using just 2x 5-layer inserts (i.e. snap the 5-layer bamboo insert on top of the 5-layer hemp insert, and then both into the nappy shell). 
    • If you have a Heavy Wetter, we recommend using all 3, or even 4 inserts. You can also fold the Nap insert into halves (using the snap) in the middle, or fold it into thirds and place it into the "wet zone".

2. Wipeable Shell To Get Extra Nappy Changes!

The nappy shell (i.e. cover) is made with a waterproof material called PUL, meaning it is wipeable on the inside and out. Generally, you will be able to snap out the soiled insert, wipe down the nappy shell and re-use the shell with a clean insert.

  • This is handy for winter or colder climates as the shell dries much quicker than inserts do. You can also purchase extra insert sets to get a few more nappy-changes out of your nappy
  • The Ultimate shell doubles as a perfect reusable swim nappy - simply remove the inserts when you're ready to hit the water! Rinsing the shell after use will prevent degradation of the PUL and extend the life of your nappy.

We do recommend changing the shell for the following: 

  • Poo-splosions or heavy soiling where wee / poo has escaped the inserts and penetrated the leg elastics (i.e. gussets) as otherwise it may cause ammonia burn on the legs; and
  • Night nappies - if you have just used the nappy as a night nappy, we recommend doing a hot wash of the entire nappy (shell along with the inserts) rather than just doing a simple wipe-down. Night nappies are designed to hold a lot of wee, and often the wee will get absorbed into the shell even if it appears dry.

3. Larger, Adjustable, One-Size Fit ~ 4-18kg

  • Still OSFM and adjustable via the front rise and hip snaps 

4. Leak-Proof and Maximum Comfort 

Our nappies include a few features that allow them to be as leak-proof as possible whilst also ensuring bub's ultimate comfort: 

  • Double-gussets: You will notice that there are two leg elastics - one that sits closer to the body and one that is further out. The one that sits closer to the body needs to be tucked into the groin area so that there are no red marks. The outer gusset does not need to sit next to the leg. The extra nappy space is designed to accommodate the extra absorbency needed for night-time once you're no longer changing nappies overnight. The extra gusset also provides an extra barrier of protection against leaks and help to contain those unexpected explosions.
  • PUL tummy and back flaps: The inserts are designed to snap into the shell under the front and back waterproof flaps, to keep the moisture from sitting against bub's skin (stomach and back) for extended periods of time. 
  • Thick back elastic: The back elastic is thicker than the usual designs you will find on the market. This is to ensure the nappy sits as trim and as flush as possible against bub's back, to minimise leaks and any discomfort from a thin elastic digging into the back. 

5. Choice of Snaps or Velcro closure

We recognise that not all bubs are the same shape, nor will everyone have the same preference. Therefore, we have both Velcro and Snaps on offer. 

  • Velcro: Easier to adjust the size (when bub is in-between snaps), and more similar to disposables so more user-friendly. Also great for fitting a night nappy on a non-compliant toddler.
  • Snaps: Great for when bub learns to take off their Velcro nappies and slightly more durable (Velcro is prone to picking up fluff in the wash and looking worn)

This is the nappy for you if...

  • You like the idea of wiping down and reusing the nappy shell to save space in the home and when out and about.  The Snap & Wipe system is also perfect for travelling with cloth; 
  • You have a super heavy wetter and you need the extra absorbency especially at night-time;
  • You prefer to have a nappy that can take you from Day to Night without needing a dedicated night nappy; 
  • You have a baby who may exceed 17kg before he/she toilet trains; 
  • You like the idea of not having to buy a dedicated swim nappy
  • You just need a long lasting, comfortable nappy cover. The Ultimate shell makes the perfect cover for flats, pre-folds and fitted nappies.
If you answered "Yes" to any of the above, this is the nappy for you!