Mini and Boo Bamboo Suction Bowl Set Mint Green

Mini and Boo Bamboo Suction Bowl Set Mint Green

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BAMBOO SUCTION BOWL with matching silicone tipped spoon. 

This is the perfect bowl & spoon for baby led weaning, giving your baby the opportunity to be independent while keeping the bowl on the table/surface (with less floor feeding)

You are safe knowing your baby is not being exposed to any harmful chemicals that are commonly found in kids plastic bowls & cutlery. 

What is great about our Bamboo bowls?

• 100% BPA Free - no toxins found here! 

• Food Grade silicone 

• Easy to clean - warm cloth & soapy water is perfect. See our tips below for optimal care.

• Heat resistant - Bamboo naturally deters heat. 

• Removable STRONG suction base - easy to take off to clean and to transition when baby grows. 

 Available in Light Purple, Grey, Mint Green.

 Please note - The silicone suction is not compatible with the ‘ Stoke Tripp Trapp’ highchair Due to the surface type.

 What’s included 

 • Bamboo bowl 12cm x 6.5cm

• Matching spoon (beechwood & silicone) 14cm x3.5cm

• Suction pad 


 A great way to keep the bamboo strong and looking like new, wipe with a mineral oil or coconut oil before first use & once a month.

Hand washing only.

As bamboo is a natural material each bowl will have its own unique pattern.

Our suction bowls work the best on smooth, non-porous surfaces such as plastic, tile, glass or metal. Surfaces that are textured, slightly curved or porous make it difficult for the silicone to have a high, long lasting stick.

To ensure a strong suction please make sure the surface is clean with no soap film before sticking on bowl.