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Natural Insect Repellent 

A gentle blend of natural herbal oils that are used traditionally in many tropical countries to ward off mosquitoes. Easy to use and smells amazing. Suitable from 4 months old onwards and great for adults too. DEET free and hypoallergenic, no preservatives or chemical fillers making this gentle even on sensitive skin.

Melvory’s repellent is a rich oil which is non-greasy on the skin! With it’s all natural and certified organic ingredients, there is peace of mind applying it on babies who like to explore with their mouths. And, it smells so good to boot!

Smells like: Lemon Myrtle, Citronella and Lemongrass

How to use: Shake the bottle well, squirt some onto your palm and rub all over your baby’s exposed skin (try not to miss a spot). For maximum protection, wear light coloured clothing and reapply regularly.

 Manufacturer’s Disclaimer Statement
At Melvory Skincare, we believe we provide organic, natural, gentle and non-irritating products for the skin. However, please read the following disclaimer:
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• Some of our products may contain nuts, or traces of nuts. Please consult a healthcare provider if you are allergic to nuts prior to using our products or if you have any questions about a particular health condition.