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Luxury Liners by Seedling Baby

Luxury Liners by Seedling Baby

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We love Luxury Liners by Seedling Baby – a handy pack of 10 reusable fleece liners that will last as long as your child’s nappy journey does… and then some! Durable yet always soft, fleece is the ultimate fabric for lining your nappies as it creates a moisture barrier that helps your child to feel dry and can help to prevent rash.

These liners are made from 100% polyester fleece – a popular, proven choice with parents around the world, because they are reliable, simple and always soft. They are a great option if you’re after an alternative to single-use liners but want something to create a moisture barrier between the natural fibres of bamboo or hemp and your child’s skin. They are also great to use in pocket nappies as they help to prevent staining and simplify the clean-up process.

As a little note, it is always recommend to use a liner, if you need to use a barrier cream.

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