LIttle Lamb Bamboo Wipes

LIttle Lamb Bamboo Wipes

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Little Lambs cloth wipes are 15x15cm squares of super soft, double sided knitted bamboo.
The bamboo is naturally anti-fungal and anti-bacterial which helps to keep them fresh. To use, simply dampened with a little water, and once used, they can be chucked in the washing machine along with your nappies. 
You can dampen at the start of each day and keep in a plastic tub or have them dry and water on hand at change times. If you dampen you may like to drop in a a few drops of essential oil.
Out and about, it’s simple enough to take a few wipes with us in a small wet bag.
You will become a convert! Here’s why…

Soft and Sensitive

The wipes are beautifully soft, so they feel much nicer to use than disposable wipes, especially on a little newborn bottom! They are completely free from any nasties, since they are just dampened with a little tap water. Great for sensitive skin.


Of course, there’s the environmental impact. We reckon the average child would require a minimum of 12,000 wipes pre-toilet training, not including those used for non-toilet purposes.