Kanga Care Microchamois Nappy Liners

Kanga Care Microchamois Nappy Liners

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Kanga Care Microchamois Nappy Liners are perfect to use any time you find the need to use either over the counter or prescription creams when using cloth nappies. The 100% hypoallergenic material is also a stay dry surface. 

Kanga Care Nappy Liners are perfectly designed for with a trim style, they are versatile for any brand and does not compromise the function of the leg gussets. Liner should be used tag side down. This will allow the correct side of the no-pill microchamois to lay against your baby's skin.

  • No-Pill, 100% hypo-allergenic microchamois.
  • 31.75cm long x 8.89cm wide. Fits perfectly between the inner gussets of most nappy brands.
  • 10 Pack
  • Super fast drying

Kanga Care liners will also work perfectly in newborn nappies if you are concerned about those first couple days of meconium. They are a little longer then the Lil Joey so just fold the liner down at one end and position it evenly into the diaper.