Fudgey Pants Fitteds Shell only

Fudgey Pants Fitteds Shell only

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Please note this is shell only.

Fudgey Pants are designed in New Zealand.

For each Fudgey FITTED we recommend buying either the hemp bamboo insert set, or the Fugdey nights insert set - sold separately.

Super absorbent and still soft against a baby bum. Fudgey Pants FITTEDS have the same design as their ORIGINALS without the PUL.

Fudgey Pants recommend pairing with their PULOVERS or a wool cover, for day or night use, you choose the extra absorbency depending on individual needs.

Design Features

  • Hemp and Bamboo overall with 3 extra layers or hemp in the wetzone
  • Pocket or snap for extra absorbency
  • Use from birth to potty (3kg - 16kg)
  • Double row of snaps 
  • Crossover front snaps allow a better fit for newborns
  • Insert locator snap 
  • Double gusset to help prevent leaks
  • Hip snaps to prevent 'wing droop'
  • Hemp at the front for extra absorbency for tummy sleepers