Fresh Moon Cloth Breastpads

Fresh Moon Cloth Breastpads

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Fresh Moon wool breast pads available in:

* Bamboo/Wool interlock with extra Hemp Core
* Hemp/Cotton blend interlock with extra Hemp Core
* Organic Cotton/Wool interlock with extra Hemp Core

These breast pads are made with one layer of organic bamboo or cotton velour, one layer of hemp and backed with a layer of wool interlock. These pads provide the ultimate protection even during nursing letdown. Highly recommended for new nursing mums – the bamboo inhibits bacteria growth while the natural oils help prevent the material from sticking to sore, cracked nipples. The cotton velour provides a thick, soft absorbent pad against the skin. The wool backing provides a thick wetness protection barrier for that easy let-down.

Hand washing is recommended, however they can be machine washed also, line dry.

1 pair per pack