Close Pop-In Bundle of Bags

Close Pop-In Bundle of Bags

PopIn Tote bags are perfect for storing nappies in when out and about or in the home. Can be used as a ‘dry pail’ instead of soaking. Put your dirty nappies in the bag with a drop of tea tree oil until you’re ready to wash them.

Can be used for holding heaps of other items as well, not just clean/dirty nappies. Perfect for wet or damp clothes, swimmers etc, these are just really handy to have in your nappy stash.

These tote bags come in co-ordinating colours to go perfectly with the new gen PopIn nappies!

Made from leak-proof ultra-sonic fabric for a clean and hygienic nappy-storing system.

Small holds 6 nappies (33 x 37cm)
Medium holds 10 nappies (45 x 48cm)
Large holds 15 nappies (57 x 59 cm)

Purchase in a pack of 3 (1 small, 1 medium, 1 large in each pack).

Available in pastels.