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Bubblebubs Candies All in 2 Mami - Flamingo PUL

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You will just love these fantastic all in two nappies Candies by Bubblebubs. These nappies grow with your baby, fitting from 4.5 – 15kg, have a snap-in bamboo booster that provides you with 12 layers of absorbency, as well as an extra booster to lay on top, side snaps for a great fit around the legs and waist, and have an outer of beautifully soft minky OR PUL and an inner layer of suede cloth. Perfect for those chubby legged babies out there!

Because you can pull the nappies apart (i.e. you can take the snap-in bamboo insert out), they don’t take as long to dry as the all in ones. The one size design of these nappies is perfect for those wanting a nappy that will last their baby from birth to toilet training, providing great value for money. You can also purchase extra snap-in inserts separately, so that if the cover hasn’t gotten wet, simply snap out the old insert and snap in a new one.

You can also use the Candies as a cover over any of the fitted nappies we stock here at The Nappy Bucket. This product is so versatile!