Bio Bums Silk Liners

Bio Bums Silk Liners

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Silk liners are a fantastic natural alternative to microfleece and flushable liners.

Raw silk liners with sericin are a fantastic natural alternative to polyester fleece liners. Sericin is the creamy wax produced by silk worms, and it is what makes these liners so wonderfully soothing. It is great for treating sensitive skin and is anti-bacterial for protecting your baby’s delicate bottom, as well as providing a stay dry layer. It may not be as effective as polyester in the stay dry department, but it is a welcome natural alternative.

If your baby has sensitive skin and frequently has nappy rash, you can use silk liners to help prevent further nappy rash irritations.

These silk liners need to be gently hand washed with a mild detergent.

Available in packs of 4, and in size:

Small – 24cm x 16cm
Australian made by BioBums