Baby Bare Teddy PUL Sugarbushes

Baby Bare Teddy PUL Sugarbushes

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Baby Bare Teddy’s are one sized nappies that do not have rise snaps. This means they are super easy to fit on your little one and there is no chance of your nappy coming unsnapped while you fit it.


  • One Size Fits Most - Approximately 5kg - 18kg (toilet training).


  • Snaps to the sides rather than across the front.
  • Has a double row of snaps allowing more options to fit the nappy to the thighs and waist.
  • The 2 rows of snaps allow for a customised fit around the legs and the waist which will ensure that everything is contained.
  • Side snap nappies make wing droop almost non-existent.
  • Features tummy elastic to prevent gaping across the front and to prevent the front tabs protruding.
  • The nappy is a trim fitting, so it fits perfectly under clothes.
  • Features a fluffy minky cover.


  • Comes with a 65cm insert, topped with microsuede to keep baby feeling dry. This insert can be folded to adjust to the size of your child and to customise the absorbency where it is needed most.
  • One foldable insert makes this nappy easy to use as it is only a two piece system.


  • Teddy Minky Nappies feature super soft minky laminated with PUL. This shell keeps baby from feeling wet whilst wearing the nappy and avoiding clothing from being soaked. The shell is soft and plush to touch and features gorgeous prints.
  • Interior of the shell is lined with microsuede, this keeps your baby feeling dry and comfortable.