Choose the right cloth nappy for you

So you know you want to cloth your babe..

You bring it up in conversation and your friends look at you like you’ve got two heads..  They start to freak you out about adding extra washing to your already jam packed new mum schedule or they taunt you with thoughts of poo!

But forget all of that, pat yourself on the back, we all choose to cloth nappy our babes for all kinds of reasons.  The most daunting task of cloth is choosing which ones!... Am I right??

DON’T PANIC, you are in the right place and in the right hands, we here at The Nappy Bucket are here to help! Let’s call us your cloth nappy fairy godmother!

Choice can be a good thing, consider yourself lucky, your mother and grandmother only had terry cloth, plastic pants and giant safety pins to work with!

Let’s get to work on breaking down, easy peasy.

What is your primary reason for choosing cloth?

If saving money is your main motivator, then good old cloth nappies (hyperlink) and prefold (hyperlink) may be the greatest option, they are the wash & wear workhorses, plus, you’ll have fun learning new ways to fold as your babe gets bigger!

(Later down the track I can add a prefold and terry video here)

If convenience is important, especially if other carers will be changing bub’s nappy (like grandparents), then the modern cloth nappies may be better for you.

Durability is another factor to consider. Do you want your purchase to last for more than one child? All-in-one/two and pocket nappies tend to be less durable than the other options available because the elastic and waterproof cover can wear.

Your climate and laundering system are two other factors to consider. Do you live in a climate where it will be difficult to get nappies dry during parts of the year?

All-in-ones and fitted nappies can take a little longer to dry than other options. Side note:  you can place your nappies in the dryer every so often, but make sure the settings are on low-medium so not to affect the PUL shells.

Nappies made from bamboo and hemp can also take longer to dry than cotton or microfibre.

 So let’s dive right and start looking at what styles of Modern Cloth Nappies we stock, have you got your pen and paper ready..  And, if you’re not much of a note taker or reader, give us a call or email us!

There are two basic styles to choose from: nappies with built-in covers and nappies with separate covers.

From the range of built-in covers you can choose:


  • Pocket Nappies (hyperlink) – These nappies have a pocket between the inner layer and the waterproof outer cover layer where you can insert various amounts of absorbent inserts. The downside is the potential ‘ick’ factor of removing the wet inserts.
  • All-in-ones (hyperlink) – These nappies are as described – all parts of the nappy, the outer waterproof layer, the inner layer and the absorbent inserts are sewn together. These nappies are the closest to disposables and are the most convenientto use.
  • All-in-twos or Snap-in Nappies (hyperlink) – These nappies are like the all-in-ones except that the absorbent insert is ‘snapped on’. These are, the most populartype of MCN. The detachable insert means shorter drying time, and you can change the insert fabric or thickness for more absorbency.

From the nappies with separate covers you can choose:

  • Fitted nappies (hyperlink) – these are similar in shape to disposable nappies in that they are sized and elasticised around the legs and do up with either Velcro or snaps. They are a good compromise between the all-in-one MCNs and durability.
  • Prefolds – are unshaped cloth nappies, similar to the terry flats, but with several layers of cloth for absorbency.
  • Terry Flats – flat squares of cotton terry towelling that require folding before use. These are the cheapest optionand were my personal choice of nappy.

With all of these three choices, you will also need some waterproof covers, you can look have a look here (hyperlink); they last a long time if you choose a One sized fits most option.

If you choose the prefolds or terry flats, then you will also need some fasteners. Snappis (hyperlink) are great nappy fasteners, they are easy to apply and have no sharp point bits!.



I know what you’re thinking, “hang on you mentioned sized back there, what the, what the?!?!”..

You have two choices when it comes to size: sized nappies or a one-size-fits-most (OSFM) variety.

One-size-fits-most nappies will save you the most money; you won’t need to buy more nappies as your child grows older.

Sized nappies will fit more snuggly and look less bulky, particularly on a newborn. If trimness is important, then you can use a different nappy (like a prefold or newborn size) when your bub is a newborn, then switch to an MCN as they grow a little.

Now if all of this is a little bamboozling and it still leaves you with some questions, we can always help you to trial before you stock up!

If you are expecting and wish to cloth nappy straight away, we offer a newborn hire kit, in this hire kit, we place a collection of our most favourite brands, including a stash of prefolds and terry flats, this give you an idea of how each nappy works, it gives you an idea of how to get a grip on your wash routine and find out which nappy suits your lifestyle the best too!

We al offer a trial pack (hyperlink) of different nappies, so you can try assorted brands and styles before committing to one. Because babies come in all different shapes and sizes (and some babies wet more than others), and every little cloth bum is different, this can be a wonderful way to find the nappy that works best for you and your bub.

Don’t forget; it doesn’t have to be an all or nothing system. You can use a variety of assorted styles or brands of cloth nappy. Maybe one type of nappy for night times and a different type of nappy when you go out. Or you can use cloth nappies at home and a disposable while out or a disposable at night. To make a difference and to work on your motivator for choosing cloth, remember one cloth nappy a day, will get you there!

And, if you have read all of this and are thinking yikes, where the heck am I starting again, get in contact with Maree (your cloth nappy fairy godmother here at The Nappy Bucket) on Mobile: 0484 686 315 or email:

Happy Nappy-ing!