New Born Starter Pack
New Born Starter Pack
New Born Starter Pack
New Born Starter Pack
New Born Starter Pack
New Born Starter Pack
New Born Starter Pack
New Born Starter Pack

New Born Starter Pack

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BubbleBubs BamBams Fitted Newborn Nappy

Bambams are a fitted nappy specifically designed to fit even the smallest newborn and are made from two layers of bamboo terry with a lay-in trifold booster, making them super absorbent. Bambams do require a waterproof cover over them; try a gusseted PUL cover from the range we have on offer, a beautifully soft minky or fleece cover, or a super absorbent wool cover.

Bambam fitted nappies are made from two layers of bamboo terry with a lay-in trifold booster, making them super absorbent. They require closing with a Snappi, giving a much better fit than a snap or velcro closure.

These nappies do require a cover.

Composition – 90/10 Bamboo/Cotton Terry
Closure – Snappi
Cover Required – Yes
Sizing – Newborn to 8kgs
Edging – Mocha Swirl


Bubblebubs Pebbles All-in-one newborn nappy


An all in one reusable nappy is the closest you get to a single use nappy. The only difference being that you wash it!
There is no folding or pinning required with this cloth nappy. Stretch the nappy so the elastics roll in and pop under your baby and secure the velcro. Fast drying, trim fitting and adjustable. Bubblebubs Pepples all in one is the perfect nappy for your newborn baby.
Each nappy features a polyester PUL outer shell and super soft minky inner. The shell of the nappy contains a layer of bamboo giving extra absorbency. The cleverly designed leg elastics roll in to prevent poo explosions.
The booster contains 2 layers of thick, absorbent bamboo. Fold the booster to have the soft, stay dry minky against babies skin or bamboo, the choice is yours.
Pebbles newborn cloth nappy fit from 2–5.5kg giving you a beautiful fit during those early months with your baby.

Close Pop-In Newborn Nappy

The Close Pop-in Newborn Nappy is an affordable way to bridge the gap between tiny newborn and birth to potty sizing.

Sizing: 2-5.5kg

Unlike the standard one-size Pop-in, it is specially designed to be used on a tiny or premature baby straight from birth. The front section is contoured to sit below the umbilical cord rather than over it and the nappy itself is much slimmer and intended for the lower wetting, high frequency changing those first few weeks bring… with 10 or more changes a day.

It is still 100% Pop-in with all the same trust and reliability, but with some new materials and new ideas. Unlike its older sibling, the outer wrap can be easily wiped clean and reused if not soiled, leaving you to just switch the soaker over come change time.

The clever double-sided design of the soaker means you can choose: 100% soya, known as vegetable cashmere, or stay dry suede cloth against baby’s delicate skin.


Eco Posh Newborn Fitted Nappy

To Use:

  • This nappy needs a cover! Use with the a wool cover, newborn cover or OSFM cover. 
  • Before first use nappy should be prepped.
    PREPPING NAPPY: Wash 5X in hot water (60 degs max & no detergent) with a cold rinse, tumble dry medium. 
    This will "shrink" nappy to appropriate size and "sponge" up fabric for maximum absorbency.
    (Nappies will be at their fullest absorbency after 10 washes but may begin use after 5 washes.)
  • If cord stump is still present, snap down the cord care feature.
  • After cord stump has healed, cord snap feature may be un-snapped.
  • Fasten Ecoposh Newborn Fitted Nappy to baby!


BubbleBubs PUL Gusseted sized Cover

Bubblebubs covers are made with PUL sandwiched between 2 layers of polyester knit fabric. These super soft covers are fastened with HTH (high technology hook) tape. It’s unique low linting design means it continues to grab well after other touch tapes have clogged with fluff, it is also a lot softer than traditional velcro’s so it won’t rub on your little one’s skin.

These covers are made with a gusset giving extra protection against poonami’s.

Bubblebubs PUL covers are the perfect fit over our bambams, bamboo delights or prefolds, available in newborn, small, medium and large to give the perfect fit.

We recommend 3-6 covers for full time use (depending on the number of nappy changes per day)
Designed to fit:

Newborn – 3 to 7kg


The Nappy Bucket Reusable Cloth Wipes

Reusable cloth wipes are an environmentally friendly option and are easy to use. Our wipes can be washed with your nappies and are more efficient than disposables. 

Our wipes come in a mixed set of five and are made with flannelette and backed with terry towel.  They measure approximately 19cm square.

Our wipes are hand made by us!



No more stabbing yourself with pins, trying to hold down a squirming baby while trying to put a sharp object into the nappy around their tender areas…why not try out Snappis – a nappy fastener that has little claws for holding the nappy together, no more pins!!!

The Snappi is a safe and easy to use nappy fastener, simply stretch the Snappi fastener a few times before use, hook it left onto your nappy, stretch across the front of the nappy and hook the right, then stretch again and hook the centre. Always remember to pull on the solid tabs of the Snappi when attaching to the nappy, not on the loops.

Snappis won’t work on hemp or organic cotton or most knit fabrics, as they need a loose weave to hold onto. Why not try out the unbleached cotton prefolds on sale here at The Nappy Bucket, perfect for using with your Snappi fastener.

These new shape Snappi fasteners now have an extra safety feature – when not in use, fold the thin strip at the end of each leg to the back of the Snappi, and slip over the teeth of the white grip. This acts as a barrier and prevents the sharp teeth from being exposed.

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