Hemp Babies™ Flat Weeds (Hemp Flats)

Hemp Babies™ Flat Weeds (Hemp Flats)

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Hemp Babies™ Flat Weeds (Hemp Flats) are completely customizable to your baby’s shape. These flats are a 68.5cm x 68.5 square of hemp jersey made with 55% Hemp, 45% Certified Organic Cotton.



Many customers find these a perfect, super absorbent one-size system, fitting your baby from birth through potty training. As your baby gets older (or for overnights), you can just lay another folded flat inside for some extra absorbency.



Flats are also great way to stuff your pocket nappies. Because they are one layer of material, flats get clean very, very easily. If needed, you can even hand wash this product!! Flats also line dry in a snap.



If you are traveling internationally and may be without a washer or dryer, this is one of the products that we’d recommend for your trip.