Eco Posh Wool Covers

Eco Posh Wool Covers

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The EcoPosh Wool Cover, by Kanga Care, is made out of knit wool that is soft and stretchy. Wool is naturally breathable and absorbent. This pull-on wool cloth nappy cover has a beautiful umber color and comes in two sizes. Use this pull-on wool cover over a fitted nappy over a fastened prefold or as extra protection at night-time.

Bonuses of wool:

  • Great addition for your night-time absorbency
  • Breathable natural fibres excellent for sensitive skin
  • Stretchy
  • Easy to clean
  • Great fit

Available in one colour – Umber

• Size 1: 3 – 9 kg 
• Size 2: 6 – 15 kg 

The Newborn piece of the Bamboo 6r Soaker fits perfect and makes a great booster in the trainers if there is need for a little more absorbency during naps or over night. Next, cover them with an EcoPosh Wool Cover for protection. The are super soft and pull-up just like the their undies.

All Kanga Care products have been lovingly invented by a mother in Colorado and distributed world wide out of Golden, Colorado.

Use, Wash & Care:
Pull on over the top of an EcoPosh Fitted, Pre-fold, one size nappy (for extra night protection) or over Training Pants during naps and night for added protection.

Wash & Care:
Wool is self-cleaning and naturally anti-microbial. Wool covers, unless soiled by poop, only need to be washed about once a week. Some wool covers can even go 2 weeks between washing, it depends on the use they are getting.

Hand Wash Only, mild soap (baby shampoo works well or we recommend a wool wash – with or without lanolin.)
Do not machine wash
Lay flat to dry.

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