Bubblebubs Prefold
Bubblebubs Prefold

Bubblebubs Prefold

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A simple and trimmer alternative to the old terry flat!

Prefolds are a great addition to your nappy stash and they are particularly helpful in the early newborn stage where you are changing frequently and need something that will contain well, fit well and is economical when baby is growing so fast. As an added bonus they can be used inside pocket nappies when your baby is older. Prefolds are rectangular shaped and designed with three areas of varying thickness.

Prefolds work in a system with a cover; generally you will only need 6 covers for your whole stash. We recommend you have a least two to change between and allow for airing between nappy changes.

BubbleBubs prefolds are unbleached and are made from quilted cotton twill that won’t pill or shred with even the roughest washing. Prefolds fluff up beautifully after their first wash and increase in absorbency the more you use them.

That’s great I hear you say, but how do I fold them? Depending on the sex of your child, there are a number of options you can choose:you can fold the prefold in thirds and pop into a cover (girl fold), you can fold the front section up and then fold into thirds (boy fold), or for the liquid poo fold you can do a boy fold and then spread out the back of the prefold to catch any liquid poo.

Alternatively you can fold them much like a terry square and Snappi them or fit the cover over to hold in place.

Unbleached prefolds are made from untreated cotton. They are natural in colour, thus hiding stains better. Unbleached prefolds retain much of their natural cotton oils in the fibre matrix hence they are softer and very durable. As the natural oils in unbleached prefolds have not been removed by processing, you will notice a slight natural “waxy” coating on them when they arrive. Initially wash 4-5 times in HOT water and dry in between washings to remove this coating and “fluff up” the diapers and they will be ready for use.


Infant (3 – 7kg, yellow trim) – up to 3 months of age, 30cm x 40cm. These have 4 layers of cotton on the side panels and 8 layers in the middle. Once your infant has outgrown their prefolds, they are fantastic to use as boosters inside your other modern cloth nappies.

Available to purchase singularly, or else why not buy a pack of them and save even more money??

Single prefold -$5.00 each
6 Pack - $27.60 = $4.60 each
12 Pack - $50.40 = $4.20 each

Example of folds to start with:

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