About Us

Hi there, my name is Maree and thank you for stopping by, I appreciate you are here for the same thing I am, the mutual love of cloth nappies.

My love of cloth started back when I was about 4 months pregnant with my son (who is now 8 years old). I knew I wanted to use cloth nappies, not because I was solely eco conscious, but I also wanted to be practical and realistic. Y husband and I were trying to buy a house and knew that if we dropped back to one wage saving for that deposit was going to be really hard. So I started to explore my plan whilst taking 6 months of work (I was the main earner, so it was going to hurt a little). On my first ante natal check at the hospital I was given a Bounty Bag, in this bag was a mile of products for expectant mums and babies, I wasn’t sure where to start and amongst it all I found the parenting mag – a little A5 magazine filled with heaps of must haves, must wants and gotta gets! But within this was a little advertisement for Bambini Mio, these nappies looked so cute, at first I had no idea what they were, none of my friends had cute nappies like these, some used cloth terry flats and most used huggies disposables, so I started researching what the cute things were called, I googled cloth nappies, I can’t remember what I found except I did find a cool little brand “Baby Beehinds” and they were based right here in Townsville, yes, you read that right, they were here in Townsville!

So I made a call and spoke to Davina (previous owner) and we organised for me to have a workshop with her husband who used to go and show expectant families the range.  I am not sure he even had to seel anything too hard, I was hooked they were so cute and I needed them in my life. This is where my nappy life began, I bought a full kit of cloth nappies, paid the nearly $1000 off whilst we waited for bub to arrive. But this was the easy part, I was the kind of girl where if someone makes it easy for me then I am sold, hahaha. PERFECTION! I had purchased a handful of newborn cloth, but my baby was a whopper he was born 4.2kg, so he went straight in to the small sized nappies, sorry teeny tiny little newborn nappies. I did love my Baby Beehinds, but as a sleep deprived stay at home mother I began to not really love my cloth nappies, I didn’t quite understand really what I was doing, my husband couldn’t deal with poo nappies without dry retching so all the nappy changes landed on me, which ground me down! After 8 weeks, I was so close to pulling the pin on cloth nappies seriously. I was all kinds of hating on the chores of cloth nappies, plus back then there wasn’t the ongoing community of fellow cloth mummas available to me. None of my friends were familiar with my cloth nappies and were quick to jump on the giving up train. Then one day, I went to a local mumma group where there was another penny pinching soul who was using cloth nappies, I couldn’t believe my luck, it was like I had struck gold! She let me share my sob story and she helped me! Yep, a true Mother Theresa of cloth nappies. She made some suggestions to me and she gave me some other brands and voilah, I began to love using cloth nappies and it helped me stay on task and not sacrifice my 30 bucks savings each week!

Fast forward 6 years, my husband and I had split up (dry retching really did my head in, jokes) and I was dealing with depression and anxiety, juggling single motherhood and a demanding full-time job. One day I found myself in my doctor’s office a blubbering mess, and she gently started asking me questions about my mental wellbeing and suggested I go speak with a professional. So off I trudged filled with optimism that this magical doctor could help bring the spring back in my step! She was patient and spoke the real truth, she asked me things  about my personal life and asked me what I did for a hobby, I sat there thinking, “c’mon lady, have you not listened to me, I don’t have time for anything more than what I am currently dealing with, how can I possibly have time for a hobby?”. She set me a task to try and find myself a hobby. My anxiety made me a little socially elusive, unless it was a work function, I never left my house, so I knew I couldn’t be a club joiner. One night I was on Facebook and a friend of mine placed her business for sale and was asking people to share the post. I stopped trawling, opened the link and it was The Nappy Bucket for sale. I messaged her, she responded with “You do realise it is a cloth nappy business, don’t you?”, I responded “Yes, I know that”, she never asked another question hahaha. I was hooked, she sent me info and I was dreaming of being around cloth nappies and sharing the love, just like my Mother Theresa did for me!

I am so please to say, I have entered my 2nd year of owning the business and I have truly loved this job and my heart swells with pride when someone says to me, thank you so much for your patience and help in finding the cloth nappy options for us. The business is going on to 13 years old, and I am pleased to say, I am loving what I do, and I love being able to be part of the modern cloth nappy revolution, there are so many benefits to switching or starting with cloth. I know you all hear me!