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"Very prompt delivery and easy to deal, with very happy with our prefolds and covers :) looking forward to buying more for our stash and loved our handwritten note." 

~Chantel Clemente ~

"Just picked up our fluffy mail yesterday(no postal service where we live) & I'm in love. Now there's afterpay, I may be in trouble. Awesome service! Maree is so friendly & helpful. The nappies even came wrapped in beautiful paper & had a hand written note." 

~ Loren Wall ~

"Amazing customer service! Very helpful and informative. Love this local business! Hope it keeps growing."

~ Kate Emily ~

"Fantastic friendly service! Great quality swim nappy, osfa. They even fit my 3yr old boy. Great designs, reasonably priced and a great warranty. Definitely recommend them especially for reusable swimming nappy!!"

~Ingrid Matthews ~

"I purchased a RAWr Stuff and Snap. I hadn't had much success with night nappies. Leaks and red marks on my babes legs had me ready to give up and go back to disposables overnight. I am so glad I tried this nappy before giving up because it is the bee knees of night nappies. I am so grateful for your quick responses to my questions regarding prep etc. I will be ordering again! 10/10"

~ Samantha McIntyre ~

"Maree was so friendly and helpful, nothing was too much!! I was new to cloth and she went through a few options with me and now I’m hooked!! Will definitely buy from The Nappy Bucket again!" 

~Tenielle Blanco ~

"As a first time mum keen to do cloth from the beginning I needed a lot of help. Maree was a great help working out what would be best for me and it was easy to order online and get exactly the products I needed."

~ Chloe Bush ~

"I love shopping at The Nappy Bucket!!! Maree provides such a fantastic friendly service with so much helpful advice. I found getting into cloth very overwhelming to start with but she has made it so much easier and have been using cloth since bub was two weeks old. Can't wait to buy more nappies from the nappy bucket in the future."

~ Erin Bonora ~

Enjoy browsing the carefully curated selection of Modern Cloth Nappies.

The Best Modern Cloth Nappies in Australia..

A modern option when it comes to cloth and reusable nappies, The Nappy Bucket is your one-stop shop for the best options in Australia.

You want the best for your child, and this includes the type of nappy you put on their bottom. We here at The Nappy Bucket believe that our nappies are far superior to disposables, both environmentally and financially. The right nappy needs to be comfortable and do its job first and foremost, but it must also be affordable. That is why we only offer the finest products to keep every baby happy and dry.

A wide range for you and your baby..

Your little one will be the envy of all, in our gorgeous reusable nappies. Specifically made to keep them dry and comfortable, they are also created with a number of designs, both to fit a specific need as well as to keep your baby looking his or her best! Choose from a variety of materials – bamboo, hemp, organic cotton and microfibre, so there is something for everyone.

Our reusable options are affordable..

Why use disposables? Our reusable nappies will save you hundreds of dollars in comparison. Because they are made with the highest quality materials, they are the best for sensitive bottoms also. While we don’t necessarily offer cheap styles, the quality of what we do offer will provide you with a longer life of your product and better protection for your baby. This will save you money in the long run and will help the Australian environment through not contributing to landfill. We also provide a wide range of packages and the opportunity hire a newborn kit to try before you commit, in different styles and brands, which will give you even more savings.

Here at The Nappy Bucket, it isn’t just modern cloth nappies that we stock, we also offer a wide range of nappy-ing accessoriesswim nappiestoilet training and items just for mums.